JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 4 Episode 23
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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 4 Episode 23

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 4 Episode 23

Tiziano and Squalo’s ambush on the heroes continue. Clash has managed to bite into Giorno’s throat and has disabled him, dragging him along in the puddles while evading Aerosmith’s bullets. Nonetheless, the duo are aware that Narancia can detect CO2 and thus track Giorno. Although Squalo baits Narancia into opening the way to the sewers, Giorno willingly lets himself get shot so that the tracer bullets can emit CO2 for him. Thus Narancia is able to chase Clash until it is cornered in the kitchen room. Despite the leaking gas preventing him from shooting Narancia slashes at Clash with Aerosmith’s propellers. Tiziano intervenes and uses Talking Head to bait the team into the kitchen room and trick Mista into setting the gas on fire by firing his gun. An explosion ensues and Giorno uses the opportunity to tell him to find the User and gives him a brooch before Clash can take him. Narancia listens and gives chase to Tiziano and Squalo until he successfully finds them. Despite Tiziano’s sacrifice, Narancia finally kills both of the enemies and finds Giorno barely alive. Team Bucciarati subsequently crosses the sea to an airport in order to fly to Sardinia.

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Serie: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Episode Title: Clash and Talking Head

Air Date: 2019-03-15